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It’s their passion for the Lehigh Valley that fuels the Jaindl family’s work with a certain grit and grind. They’ve seen many changes in the community over the past half-decade, and have always done their part to improve it through responsible land usage that enhances the surrounding communities, beautifies their vestiges, and provides opportunities for their neighbors.

The Jaindl family has always lived by the doctrine that they will conduct business with the utmost honesty and integrity. They only deserve your respect if they have given it and earned it through their words and actions. This tried and true purpose was forged back in 1936 when John L. Jaindl bought Fred Jaindl a few turkeys at the county fair. Fred, an exuberant and ambitious boy, raised those first turkeys into a calling — a business that grew so much larger than they could ever have imagined. What started as a family-run turkey farm, the family business has blossomed into an enterprise that focuses on the growth and success of the community.

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Jaindl Farms and Land Development

The Club at Twin Lakes

At the Wild Turkey Grill and The Club At Twin Lakes, a part of Jaindl Farms and Land Development Company, ethical and sustainable practices are at the core of their values. They prioritize doing right by the land, ensuring that their turkey, farming, and land development processes are done ethically and sustainably, while honoring the soul of their farming heritage. Their commitment to responsible practices goes beyond their business operations, as they strive to support the health of their communities and the environment.

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